Srila Rupa Goswami

Don't be the self-appointed policeman by indulging in Vaisnava-aparadha


It is always better to err on the side of caution and totally avoid vaisnava aparadha of talking negatively about any devotee or soul to anyone else even though we may know the truth about the deficiencies in some devotees.

Srila Rupa Goswami

Sri Rupa quickly accepted that he was wrong even though he was not when Vallabhacharya falsely pointed out some mistake in his writing.

And he offered his whole Bhakti-rasamrita-sindhu to Vallabhacharya to correct it as he pleases. This humility is the real need of the hour.

So just humbly follow in such footsteps of Sri Rupa. Please don’t be like a fly who always sits on the stool. Because how much stool can you expose to the world? The stool is simply everywhere; it is all-pervading in Kaliyuga.

api cet su-duracaro, bhajate mam ananya-bhak; sadhur eva sa mantavyah, samyag vyavasito hi sah (Srimad Bhagavad Gita 9.30)

“Even if one commits the most abominable actions, if one is still somehow engaged in devotional service, then one is to be considered saintly because he or she is properly situated.”

Never think that you are the self-appointed policeman and that you have to warn others about the real truth. Did anyone appoint you as such?

Every devotee gets and chooses their sanga as per their own spiritual sukriti from their past lives. There is nothing you can do about it.

In fact, you will just end up being the cause of back-and-forth vaisnava-aparadha flying everywhere, and you will have to pay for it in regards to your own bhajan.

Praying internally to Nitai to save those devotees’ souls who are getting wrong guidance and sanga is much better than assuming a role of a self-proclaimed guardian of such devotees by going around exposing the faults in other devotees.

Because only Nitai can change their prarabdha karma of the sanga, they have got, not you.

Even if you are totally right about it and are doing it to warn others, it may totally destroy your bhajan.

However genuine your intentions are, you are going into the negative zone of highly disturbing your own mind and creating negativity in the minds of others.

Maya is always waiting to enter into devotees via vaisnava-aparadha and destroy their bhajan. That is Kaliyuga.

So best is to avoid even knowing about such neophyte devotees who are offensive to others or whom you think are deceitfully full of defects.

Out of sight, out of mind!

Stay far away from duplicitous kanishthas so you will never see their faults, and thus you can do your own bhajan peacefully.

Negative Facebook profile posts and especially blasphemous comments to them are one such place where such bhajan-destroying offenses are flying around so much.

Facebook has become a mine of vaisnava-aparadha and loose talk about any devotee under the sun as if there is no more conscience or fear of vaisnava-aparadha left anymore.

Those who criticize or talk loosely, even about other kanishtha devotees in the name of warning others or exposing them, don’t have a clue about how much negativity they are getting themselves into.

Even the most neophyte, duplicitous, or weak devotee has some connection with the Lord. Because he or she needed that connection or sukriti to become any kind of devotee in the first place.

So by finding faults in even such devotees, we are displeasing the Lord to that extent to which that devotee has a connection with the Lord, however feeble that connection may be.

So such activities of finding faults in any person are born purely out of our false ego.

Can you say for sure that you are doing this policing act of warning others without even the slightest malice in your heart for that devotee?

If you can’t know for sure, then please don’t do it. No one is free from envy.

These “policemen” have not read or understood all the stern and repeated warnings about it from Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata. So just give them up!

Even if someone is criticizing you, you don’t need to defend yourself. Just tell them that they are right and they know your real nature, just like the position Sri Rupa took himself.

Revenge, vengeance, tit-for-tat, or war-of-words back and forth is the most mundane and disastrous manifestation of our false ego. It will totally destroy your bhajan.

So just remain silent. Nitai knows your heart. You don’t need to prove yourself in front of other hypocritic or misguided kanishtha devotees.

Such Facebook discussions are not sadhu-sanga but actually kusanga. They will pull you deep down.

tyaja gramya katha sakalam viphalam, bhaja ekachakra-kanan-kunja-vidhum.

So please don’t be like a sieve which constantly finds faults about the holes in others while conveniently and totally forgetting that it is itself full with holes.

The example of Srila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami

Srila Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami used to immediately close his ears if someone came to him to tell him about even actual mistakes, faults, and natures of other devotees, what to speak of warning others about them. He always said that, inspite of all their faults, they are still much much better devotees than him.

vaisnavera nindya-karma nahi pade kane, sabe krsna bhajana kare, — ei-matra jane. (CC Antya 13.133)

“He would not listen to blasphemy of a Vaisnava, nor would he listen to talk of a Vaisnava’s misbehavior. He knew only that everyone was engaged in Krsna’s service; he did not understand anything else.”

Purport by Srila Prabhupada:

Raghunatha Bhatta never did anything harmful to a Vaisnava. In other words, he was never inattentive in the service of the Lord, nor did he ever violate the rules and regulations of a pure Vaisnava.

It is the duty of a Vaisnava acarya to prevent his disciples and followers from violating the principles of Vaisnava behavior. He should always advise them to strictly follow the regulative principles, which will protect them from falling down.

Although a Vaisnava preacher may sometimes criticize others, Raghunatha Bhatta avoided this.

Even if another Vaisnava was actually at fault, Raghunatha Bhatta would not criticize him; he saw only that everyone was engaged in Krsna’s service. That is the position of a maha-bhagavata.

Actually, even if one is serving maya, in a higher sense he is also a servant of Krsna. Because maya is the servant of Krsna, anyone serving maya serves Krsna indirectly.